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Featured Content that Can Make to Get Quality Backlinks and Rank 1 in Search Engine Featured Content that Can Make to Get Quality Backlinks and Rank 1 in Search Engine Featured Content: This is the most common misunderstanding in SEO: Many think they can get ranked first by relying backlinks from blog comments, social bookmarking, article directory, and the like. I usually termed backlink submit submit. Questions like these often arise from the owner of the website: “I’ve blogwalking, submit to social bookmarking, but why not rank one too huh?” Yes because the benefits are very small. Worse yet, if we are to submit too many – up to hundreds / thousands – actually our website will be a penalty. Ha. Not so rank one but instead chastened. Then backlink as what can make our website ranked 1st without penalized?

This is the answer: Backlink given by other website owners. Up here was getting confused, pessimistic, “Where there are still other website owners who want to give a backlink to my website?” That is the purpose of this guide. You’ll learn the concept of ‘featured content’ that can get quality backlinks naturally. So it is safe from the penalty and can get a rating of 1. Why is it difficult to get backlinks? Let’s first surgery: The reason is that your content misplaced. Me explain … … For example you have a website about dieting. Visitors are people who want to learn diet. The problem is, 99% of them do not have a website. People who do not have a website will not be able to provide a backlink. Although maybe they think you are a good website. Make sense? Well, who has a website on a diet as you can have knowledge above the average. They will think you are mediocre content. Linker has a higher appetite This is what I mean by wrong target. We used to create content just to satisfy the casual visitor, people are just learning, and who do not have a website. They assured us they were able to provide a backlink (linker) was not impressed. And if we want to create content that can get backlinks naturally, we should be able

to make the linker impressed. featured content In this guide, we will learn to create the featured content. What is that? In the world of agriculture, we are familiar with the term prime. This means that the results are good seedlings, large fruit, and growing fast. These seeds will be widely used by farmers in their respective fields. That concept featured content. Exceptional content. Content that is able to make the linker put the link on their web pages. Resulting in “fruit” of backlink for you. Quality content is not enough, we need to get backlinks featured content Click To Tweet What can make the linkers provide a backlink? We already know why we did not get a backlink. Now we dig about what can make us content to get backlinks. The first, obviously, the content should make the linker awe. But there’s more. In general, the linker will recommend your article if:

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Topics are explained more to a concept they write on its own website     Much higher quality than the entire content never existed. So it takes precedence over any other similar content     Discuss their contents, or they participate     Such content can be beneficial to their audience     You are familiar with them     Your content contains elements trigger Popularity

Not have to meet all of them, but more is better. Now the big question … … How do I create featured content? Follow these guidelines to the end to learn to create the featured content, then [content_upgrade id = 1124] Click here to learn [/ content_upgrade] how to structure the best article, from the title to the cover. Step 1 – Find the linker in your field If your website in the field of technology, look linker in technology. Do not look for the different fields, they will not care. So this is our strategy:

  1.     Find the linker, see the content they like what
  2.     Create content that is much nicer
  3.     Establish a relationship with them
  4.     Backlink!

Okay, I simplify this too … … But roughly that was the reason why we need to find the linker. Earlier we discussed the notion and who linker that, but in fact it could be described again. This is including the linker:

  1.     Blogger
  2.     Authors of articles on other websites
  3.     Journalist, author news
  4.     Celebrity Twitter (people who have a lot of followers)

They are the people who are able to provide a link to your content or to share to people in social media. To find linker that suits you as much as possible, do the following 4 ways. Do a search on Google Do a search on Google for the keywords:     Blogger [niche] Indonesia     Blog [niche]     Articles [niche] best For example, your website is about fashion, then use the keyword “fashion Blogger Indonesia”. You’ll find something like this: fashion blogger Community sites, social media, and social bookmarking Bloggers are smart know that the three types of the site is a gold mine to develop the website. Therefore you will meet many new blog owners. The new Blogger is also usually more open when invited to communicate. You can also learn together. The following community that you can try:

  1.     Facebook Groups
  2.     Google+ Communities
  3.     Webly
  4.     Citizen6
  5.     Times
  6.    Log Viva

Search Twitter account that has many followers Use a free tool called Followerwonk. This tool is useful for finding popular Twitter accounts based on keywords. In one click we can find the celebrity Twitter. Click “Search bios” and then do a search like the picture: Followerwonk

Step 2 – Brainstorm content that appeals to them Try to imagine this case: I have a content entitled “17 ways to eliminate acne,” what may be the linker recommend this article on their website? Impossible.. For readers who need, the article was very useful. But for a linker, this article is not enough to impress them. In addition, doing well post a link to the article acne. Yes, right? That is the importance of the topic. Although it is incredible, but if the topic is wrong then there will not be recommending the content. First understand the intention of the sentences above. Choosing the topic is complicated. But fortunately, there is a method that we can use to get an idea of topics. His name Stepps. Your topic must be one of these Stepps:

Social currency: could make them proud of their identity Triggers: immediately thought of when someone talks about something Emotion: can evoke feelings Public: a popular topic or trending Practical value: the contents of the subject can be practiced Story: the story of a person or event associated with them

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